Syntactic Data Analysis

Echo tackles the problems of information overload within the logistics industry by automatically matching freight with available trucks

Echo Capabilities

Echo is designed to scan the emails sent to and from users within your organization, automatically identifying those that contain logistics information.

In addition to automatically scanning existing email traffic, Echo also gives users the option of sending an email containing truck or load information directly to it, or entering the load or truck on the Echo website.

Where other software requires information to conform to a strict pattern, Echo leverages machine learning to interpret data in a wide variety of formats.

That flexibility makes Echo easy to adopt for companies of any size, and avoids adding to the workloads of users.

Echo is designed to keep communication with users to a minimum, since anyone in the logistics industry is already flooded with emails and phone calls.

When a user receives a notification, they can be confident that it's because Echo found something relevant to them.