Echo & Brokers Go Hand In Hand

Echo benefits users by pooling together records of all the offerings generated from across a company. Each user's offerings are compared to this pool of records, granting increased access to information. Relevant trucks or loads are delivered directly to the user as they're found, saving them the time and effort of going out and looking for them.

What does Echo look for?

Echo scans through emails to identify available loads that need to be moved and available trucks that need freight. In the case of loads, it attempts to find origin and destination, pick-up date, due date and trailer type. In the case of trucks, it attempts to find the truck's current location, preferred destination, the date it is available, and trailer type.

How does Echo use this information?

Echo searches through the offerings it processes and attempts to match available trucks with available loads as it finds new offerings. The software compares origin cities, destinations, pick-up dates and trailer types to find trucks able to move the loads it identifies and vice-versa.




Does Echo require extra work?

Echo is designed to be almost entirely automated. It can pull the information it needs from normal, day to day emails like the ones you already send. You'll be notified of any matches relevant to you by email and you can accept the match, or mark it as invalid, with a single click.